Ukko Restaurant

Ukkō is a stylish Mediterranean Tapas and Sushi spot with an extensive wine list and mixology bar in Bryanston. Ukkō will deliver a unique dining experience, set to transport you on a Mediterranean holiday as the team delivers perfectly balanced tapas style dishes.

On the menu, discover classics including; Ukkō sushi rolls, Crudo, ceviche, lamb riblets, baked camembert in a balsamic dressing, Crispy Zucchini Ribbons with lemon aioli, chicken dumplings and grilled chicken wings, salmon and prawn cakes, squid heads in a wasabi aioli, crispy prawns and large tapa plates for bigger tables. In terms of cocktails, there’s the aptly named Akka (female deity of Ukkō), featuring vodka, strawberry and rose essence, as well as Ukkonen (Thunder), featuring tequila, gin, passionfruit, elder fruit, prosecco and aromatic bitters. 


Ukkō gets its name from “Ukkonen”, a Finnish mythology referencing the god of the sky, weather, harvest and thunder. In the same mythology it was customary to come together and consume food and alcoholic beverages as a sacrifice. The celebration was believed to guarantee good weather and harvest for the year ahead. Ukkō possessed a weapon called “Ukonvasara” an anchor looking hammer, representing the weapon Ukkō used to strike lightening. The name Ukkō is an extension of the idea of a space where people come together to celebrate special moments